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Monday Musings - Where I Want to Take My Business

28 February 2011

What kind of photography business do I want?  That’s a big question I’ve been asking myself since I decided to do this.  It’s hard to decide what I want to focus on, when I love taking all kinds of pictures.  I think I’ve been able to find a vision though.  I love new beginnings.  To me, new beginnings are moments that forever change the course of your life. 

Marriage forever changes the course of your life.  You’re not single anymore and only having to worry about yourself.  You’ve given your life to another person, and they have done the same with you.  I love weddings.  I love seeing a couple share their love for each other in front of everybody that they love and commit themselves to each other.  Getting married is a new beginning, a new chapter of life, a time to say, “I love you in a way that I’ve never loved anybody and want you to be my other half for the rest of our lives”.  It never fails to amaze me the witness of love that a couple gives to all those attending their wedding.

If marriage forever changes the course of your life, becoming a parent does even more.  I’ve always loved children, but becoming a mother just intensified that love.  Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift.  Oh, it has its down moments of sickness and exhaustion, but the miracle of it all is just amazing.  Whenever Scott thought I was being too grouchy, I would say to him, “Hello!  I’m growing a person.  Let’s see you do it!”  Sure, it was in a joking manner, but when you really think about it, how amazing is that?  A little person is forming to be a unique individual.  And oh, when that baby enters the world it’s a beautiful thing.  So innocent and tiny and puts every father to their knees.  Watching them grow and seeing their expressions as they try to figure out this world.  A child’s “holds nothing back” smile is something to behold. 

These are the moments I want to capture.  A bride getting ready to give herself to the love of her life, a groom seeing his bride for the first time, a couple bringing new life into this world, a baby bundled up in its parents arms so tiny and precious, and all the moments in-between. 

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