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Building a Portfolio

31 March 2011

Who knew that building a portfolio would stump me?  Taking pictures is one thing, but then what do we photographers do with those pictures?  I’ve been thinking that I really need to start organizing my photos for my online portfolio.  That’s something I can handle.  I actually already have them pretty organized, as I categorize them as I transfer them from my camera flash card. 

It seems common place in today’s digital era that a digital portfolio on a website is the most utilized way to create a portfolio.  Maybe print portfolios have died off, but I still feel I want and need to create one.  So, I’ve been looking into how I go about doing this, and it seems from my research that I can pretty much do whatever I want.  As the artist, I have free reign over the creativeness in my portfolio. 

I love to scrapbook; always have.  My mom and I used to pull out all our pictures and supplies and scrapbook right at the dining room table.  As a mom, I’ve wanted to make sure that I document our life in a creative way.  I think that can translate to creating a print portfolio.  Okay, so it won’t be nearly as embellished, but a layout of photos needs to be pleasing to the eye.  Just like accessories and artwork need to be pleasing to the eye when decorating a home. 

So, I’m going to work on creating both an online portfolio and a print portfolio and get back here soon with some results. 

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