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Taking Better Photos Day 7 - ISO

06 July 2011

As a child, I can remember in detail my little camera that used 110 film.  I remember upgrading to a 35mm camera and buying film for it.  I remember having to worry about film speed.  If we were going to the races I needed at least 800.  Otherwise, I stuck with 200.  Okay, maybe I wanted to use 400 sometimes.  Those were my go to speeds as a kid. 

What does this have to do with ISO?  Well, the speed of film is the measure of the film's sensitivity to light and ISO is the digital version of film speed.  ISO tells your camera HOW sensitive it needs to be to light.  ISO ranges from 100 to the thousands depending on your camera. 

My best tip for you is to keep your ISO as low as possible.  ISO is a great tool, but it has a drawback.  The higher an ISO you use, the more grainy your photo.  Grain in a photo is known as "noise" in photography terms.  If your outside on a sunny day, keep your ISO at 100.  When your inside a dim room, your ISO will need to be higher.

Tomorrow I'm going to go over pulling together the triangle...shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  You'll be shooting in manual and having complete control over your camera in no time.

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