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Monday Musings - The business of business

15 August 2011

I must admit, I haven't been doing much shooting lately.  I've been focusing on the business side of things.  Writing a business plan, putting together marketing brochures...that kind of stuff.  I'm beginning to miss my camera, but know that in the long run I will thank myself. 
Business is more Scott's cup of tea.  He went to school for business management and is in human resources management.  This has been good for me though because I'm taking ownership of something really important to me.  People might think that being a photographer is a dream job with tons of perks, but the reality is that it's just like any other business and takes work. 

So, I've been neglecting this little blog.  I guess I feel that since I don't have much in the way of actual photographers to share right now, that I really have nothing to blog about.  I promise I'll be better and post more regularly from now on :) 

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