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The Importance of Capturing a Moment in Time

08 September 2011

We have been busy busy busy.  One of the things we did over the holiday weekend was to start making Alexander’s room into a big boy room.  I’m painting and sorting/pitching/donating toys and clothes, and I moved the guest bedroom full size mattress into The Bub’s room.  He now has a real big boy bed and I knew he would be excited, but I wasn’t ready for how excited he’d be. 

They're not the best pictures from a photographer's point of view, but I was just glad to have my camera so that I could capture his joy.  This just goes to show that getting the picture is more important than making sure it's perfect.  If I had worried about the fact the lighting was horrible, that he had no pants on, that there's painting stuff all over the room and undone walls, I wouldn't have gotten these shots. 

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