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Matt & Jeannine Get Engaged - Northeast Ohio Proposal

26 April 2012

My good friend, Matt, called me on a Monday night and asked if I could take some pictures of him and his girlfriend.  I smiled a little on the other end of the phone when he asked because, really, I knew he was asking me to take photos of him proposing to Jeannine.  Though I don't know Jeannine all that well, Matt is like a brother to me.  Church friends have a way of becoming family and I honestly couldn't be more excited that Matt has found the woman that finally stole his heart. 

They had their first date at Wine Bar in Rocky River, which is why Matt decided that would be the perfect place to propose.  How cute and thoughtful is he?  The night was beautiful and the patio was empty when he got down on his knee to ask Jeannine.  The look of bliss on her face was adorable.

The entire bar watched as Matt proposed and clapped when Jeannine said yes.  I know it's cliche to say, but it was magical with the twinkle lights and all the clapping and whistling.  The owner brought them champagne to celebrate and tons of people congratulated them.  I feel honored to have witnessed and captured this moment. 

Jeannine, I look forward to many years of double dates and growing in friendship.  We hope that both of you enjoy this time of preparing for your marriage together and know that Scott and I are so unbelievably excited for you.

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