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Vendor Spotlight–Studio Muse at Sola Salons

24 May 2012

When I got married, I didn’t get to do a trial run with my hair and makeup because we were getting married in Washington and I live in Ohio.  It was an experience I wish I could have done because it would have prepared me better for my wedding day experience. 
Right before Ashley and Dave’s engagement session, Ashley did her trial hair and makeup with my good friend, Mady and her partner Jen, who own Studio Muse.  Ashley is one smart cookie to have done this.  Not only did she get to learn what to expect for her wedding day, she got to feel absolutely beautiful for her engagement session.  I always tell my bride’s when they ask what to wear to their engagement session that I want them to wear whatever makes them feel gorgeous. 
Mady and Jen at Studio Muse are such great people to work with.  Of course Mady is my personal hair stylist and I already have a relationship with her, but it was great to watch her with Ashley.  Mady and Jen love their jobs and it definitely shows on their faces. 
Thanks, Mady & Jen, for being so great to Ashley! Smile

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