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Engaged: Mary Beth + Mike - Brandywine Falls

17 June 2014

Their story is one that Scott and I had the honor of watching unfold, which is such a rare gift.  Mary Beth had been on our church's youth ministry team for awhile before Mike joined.  Once he did, they just seemed to gravitate toward each other.  The thing about ministering together is that nothing is surface level.  You get to know a person on a deeper level than is normally possible.  You learn a person's failings and struggles, but you also learn how amazing they are; their strength, their character and especially their faith.  Mary Beth has this amazingly sweet disposition.  You can't help but love her.  It's no wonder Mike fell for her.

We are so happy that the two of them have chosen us to be a part of their wedding day.  We have been lucky enough to be a part of their relationship from the beginning and can't wait to continue to be a witness to their love.


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