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2014 Family Summer Fun Memories

25 July 2014

I love our yearly summer trip to visit my family in Washington.  The Bub and I have spent at least 3 weeks visiting in the summer for the last couple of years, and I love that we do this.  Scott comes out for about a week before he has to go back to work.  We always miss him when he leaves, but treasure every moment we have with my family.

Of course, this year was no different.  The beginning of our trip was a whirlwind with 4th of July parties, my sister's 30th birthday and fun with our friends that traveled with us from Ohio.  My favorite moments tend to be the ordinary moments though.  The moments we miss out on because we live so far away from everybody.  Like getting to watch my nephew practicing at his Jonathan Stewart football camp or making blackberry jam with my mom.  Getting to float the Deschutes river with everybody and The Bub and my niece getting to have sleepovers.  Going to Lakefair with my sister and the kids.  Little man throwing a football around with my dad.

Little man and I always get lots of quality time too.  I love listening to him read to me and picking apples off mom's tree.  This year, we made a "comic book" out of all the pages we colored and made up stories about the pictures we colored.

Of course, the natural beauty of Washington is something I miss fiercely.  It's funny, I never really noticed how beautiful it was until I left.  I guess it's one of those "you don't realize what you have until it's gone" kind of things.

I adore the moments he spends with his great grandparents and feel so blessed that he can make memories with them.   I can't tell you how many weeks I used to spend with them over the summers as a kid and it brings me so much joy that he can have his own memories of summer moments with them too.

We always make so many memories and I am so grateful that we can have these moments.  Leaving is never easy.  I'm blessed with an amazing family and miss them so much already.  Can't wait for our next visit!

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