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Passion to Reality

24 February 2011

Tonight I have another conference call.  This one is with The Wisdom Connection and it’s about taking Passion to Reality.  Perfect since I talked on Tuesday about not knowing where to begin.  Photography is definitely my passion.  I didn’t even realize I wanted to make it my business until December, and now that I’ve acknowledged that, I have no idea how to make it a reality.  Here’s the kind of person that I am:  as soon as I buy something new, I have to open the package before even getting home.  I’m literally tearing it open in my car in the parking lot.  That translates into other areas of my life.  In many ways, I am very patient.  I am patient with people, but when it comes to an idea, I want the reality immediately.  Once I make a decision, I want to make it happen right away.  I don’t just want to write about my dreams of starting a photography business.  I want them to become a reality. 

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