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What is So?

18 February 2011

Doesn’t this seem like a funny question? What does it even mean? Well, since I did things backwards, this SOAR assignment is actually the 1st assignment that I’m doing 2nd. What is so…is an exercise in taking a look at what is good in whatever. I do notice in me that so many times instead of looking at the positive, my inner critic asks me, “What is so great about…whatever?” Not in a positive way, more in a sarcastic way. This SOAR exercise is meant to be the exact opposite. “What is already in place for my photography business?” This isn’t the easiest question since my photography business is non-existent, but I do already have some things going for me.

Talents/Skills: This is tough for me. I am my own worst critic and it’s really difficult for me to “give myself a complement”, but I will say that I think I’m really patient. This is something that I think will be extremely important in dealing with clients and in trying not to get discouraged in starting a business. Being a momma to a very active lil man also might help me in dealing with children. I might be awkward with people because I don’t do surface level very well, but that also means that I’m genuine and truly care about the person. People aren’t just clients. I tend to invest in trying to really get to know a person.

People: Lucky for me, my hubby really wants me to follow my dreams and believes in me. I also have a mother-in-law that can watch Alexander any time I need her too. We have amazing friends that love us and support us.

Systems: Well, I have a nice Nikon DSLR, 2 okay lenses, an okay external flash and I just bought a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I also already have Photoshop Elements.

Contracts/Agreements: Although I don’t have any formal contracts written yet, I have made an agreement to myself that no matter the outcome, I am giving this my all. Not just because I want to be a professional photographer, but because it’s something I care about and love.

All in all, that probably a pretty good start.

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