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We’re Godparents!

08 March 2011

Scott and I had the honor of becoming God parents over the weekend.  It’s overwhelming to me that our friends think so highly of us that they would ask us to be Godparent’s to their son.  This is not the first time we’ve been asked to be Godparents to a child of theirs.  They have two children, both boys, and both of which we are the Godparent’s.  I’m so thankful and feel so humbled that they have entrusted us with the care of fostering faith in their children.  Thank you, Steve and Kristen, for this honor. 

On Sunday, we all gathered together and celebrated God’s love and mercy.  Scott and I are of different religion than Steve and Kristen, but we all share the same faith in God.  The service was beautiful and it was nice to all gather together to love God.  Liam was so calm during the baptism and seemed to be enchanted by the whole experience. 

 He was so fascinated by the candle flame!
 Proud Parents

 Brendan, the big brother
 Our son with his buddy
How cute are kids?  I love that we got to be a part of such a special day in little Liam's life.

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