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It’s the Final Countdown

08 March 2011

I'm still learning about how to run a blog and apparently messed up last week.  My Godparent's post should have been made last week, not this week, and I'm already behind for this week's posts.  So, I might as well make 2 posts today.  I've decided to make Monday a day of musing on my thoughts in where I'm at.  That being said, this post should have been made yesterday, but alas, I am sick.  Nothing like having no voice for 4 days :)  Let's just say it's been an insteresting couple of weeks with sickness running through our house!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I look at another photographer’s work and think, “Oh my, I can’t do this.  My photographs are not nearly as good as these”. It’s times like these when I don’t feel like I am good enough to do this – to have my own photography business.  I’m learning though, that even professionals have these feelings.  Me Ra Koh shared on a conference call with us that she feels this way all the time.  In all honesty, I think we are our own worst critics.  Every time I post new photos, I think that people are going to hate them because I don’t love them.  Maybe that’s just my fear talking because it never fails that when I don’t like a photo, somebody will tell me that they love it. 

To me, this means that I have to challenge myself.  That when I feel like my work isn’t good enough I have to just take more pictures; capture more moments, because nothing will make my photographs better than working to take even better photographs.  Admittedly, Ohio winters are so dreary, that taking out my camera is difficult for me to want to do.  Photographing indoors is not my favorite, but it’s just a challenge waiting for me to conquer and perfect.  If I plan on being a wedding photographer, I better get used to shooting indoors and in low light.  Evening receptions are prone to bad lighting. 

Do I feel my work is good enough?  Nope, but I’m determined to make it better than good.  I’m determined to make it great.  I kinda feel like Rocky right now!

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