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Confidence Workshop Experience

21 April 2011

I did not write a blog post for Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  Coming off of Me Ra Koh’s Confidence Workshop left me over-stimulated and spent in such a good way.  I needed to take the time to digest everything and decompress.  

Oh, if everybody could meet and get to know this wonderful giving woman and her supportive hilarious husband, Brian.  The weekend was full of laughter and encouragement and authenticity.  The group of women that shared the weekend are all amazing women with hearts of gold. 

Of course we learned lots about our cameras, but that’s not what made the weekend so powerful.  The weekend, for me, was more about learning to trust myself and my voice as a photographer.  My past has had a profound effect on my present, and confidence in my abilities I have not.  The workshop is called the Confidence Workshop and I have to say for good reason.  It’s given me a good foundation to know, without a doubt, that I have a creative voice and that this passion for photography is not to be hidden.  Me Ra and Brian really encourage us to shoot from our heart; to let our camera become an extension of our heart, and I have to say that I love them for that.  Thank you Me Ra, Brian and all the workshop ladies for a wonderful weekend full of inspiration and encouragement!

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