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My Husband’s Split Personality

06 April 2011

My husband has to be one of the goofiest people in the world. 
He’s a people person.  People love him and he loves to talk.  Our friends always say that he looks like Tom Cruise and although he tries to pretend that he hates the comparison, I think he secretly loves the attention.  He’s real and not afraid to be who he is.  There are times when I’m embarrassed for him but he could care less.  Scott has one of those magnetic personalities that people flock to.  We have amazing friends and it’s no doubt due to his desire to be authentic with everybody he comes in contact with.  That’s a quality that’s rare in this world.  Sometimes, it’s difficult being married to someone who hold’s nothing back; most of the time though, I think about how lucky I am to be married to someone that constantly tells me he loves me.  That authentic personality of his reminds me that he really does love me; he’s not just saying it out of habit. 
If you talk to anybody that knows him, you will learn that he is all or nothing.  There is no grey area with this man.  It’s black and white.  Our friends have a running joke that “fat Scott is more fun”.  It’s not meant to be offensive.  They just mean that when he lets go and doesn’t restrict himself like an automaton, he’s more fun and carefree.  So, he’s either restricting himself and being completely serious in all matters, or he’s not caring about anything and joking about everything.  Right now, he’s having days of both.  One day he’s worried and stressed about everything and the next, well, I think the pictures in this post show his split personality quite well!

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