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The Stress of Planning a Wedding

04 April 2011

Marriage in general has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  As a person that wants to document another person’s wedding day, it’s important to me that the bride and groom know just how important and special their day is. 
The time leading up to the ceremony and reception is filled with chaos.  Even the most organized bride probably feels overwhelmed.  Scott and I planned our wedding to take place in a different state, which comes with its own set of challenges.  I remember feeling stressed about the vendors we needed to pick.  The ceremony site was easy.  We were getting married in my hometown church.  Picking a reception site and caterer and florist and photographer and DJ and all the other vendors was what stressed me out.  It was as if the list never ends.  Ironically, I loved it.  Yes it was stressful, but ultimately I loved planning this huge party for our family and friends to share in with us.  We were at the center of that party, but we really wanted our friends and family to have the best time ever.
I knew a photographer and had him all picked out, but he was going to be out of the country that week.  So, what next?  I didn’t know any other wedding photographers personally.  The original photographer gave me contact information for a photographer that he recommended and we ended up using him for our wedding. 
Even though I didn’t know at the time that I would eventually be working to become a wedding photographer, I learned a lot from our wedding photographer.  Most of which was good.  He really worked hard to put me at ease.  He didn’t treat the day like he was just there to take photos; he treated it like he was not only the photographer, but also the person that was there to make our day happy and memorable. 
It’s important to me that the bride and groom feel no worries on their wedding day.  There are so many other days in life that will be full of worries.  Planning a wedding is both fun and exhausting.  I want the couple to feel rewarded for all of that effort. 

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