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Building a blog that reflects me

05 May 2011

I’ve really been slacking on writing blog posts for the last 2 weeks!  I have good reason though.  The majority of my available time has been spent in trying to “build my brand”.  This concept is completely new to me and one that makes me really focus on myself.  Focusing on myself is not exactly an easy task; I’m usually focusing on my husband or my son or our dog, and don’t really have time to think about what drives me or what I’m drawn to.  It’s exhausting!  Hahaha

Spending the time to figure out what drives me is a vital process though, as photography is a people driven business.  There are so many phenomenal photographers out there, and with that means that the biggest way for us to stand out as photographers is to stand out as individuals.  It’s tough trying to choose a photographer out of the many many choices and I know it overwhelms me.  Plus, I want people to feel comfortable with me; like they know me.  You don’t invite total strangers to your wedding.  Why would you choose a photographer that you didn’t feel you knew even a little bit.  Our instincts tell us to protect our lil children.  There is no way I’m going to invite a total stranger into my home to take intimate family photos of my newborn.  I’m going to go with somebody that feels a little like a friend. 

So, this week I spent a lot of time trying to bring pieces of myself into this blog.  An exercise that I think is really helpful involves magazines.  Me Ra Koh asked us to do part of this prior to her Confidence Workshop.  Tear out 20 magazine pages from various magazines that draw your attention.  These pages cannot be people.  Lay all of the pages out on the floor.  Stand on a chair facing them upside down (for instance, a house would have the roof facing the chair) and try to find common themes.  For me, I am drawn to cool colors; purple, grey, robin’s egg blue among the most common.  I tend to like repeating patterns, like quatrefoil or zigzag lines for example.  Interior decorating is an interest for me and many of the magazine clippings I chose were from home décor magazines.  Those clippings tended to show that I like clean lines and classic pieces.  It was definitely a good exercise for me to do because classic pieces translate to fashion for me as well.  I don’t get too much into fads in general; furniture, clothing, etc.

How to translate this into a blog or website is a whole different animal.  Sure, I know what I like, but how do I incorporate that into a logo.  So, there are going to be changes on here and I’ll try to keep a log of those changes right here.  I’m giving myself a make over so to speak from the inside out and hope that people like it.

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