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11 May 2011

Okay, I have been on the Internet a ton this week, but none of it was to post anything new on this here blog.  I love the Internet.  I get a bit obsessive with it sometimes :)  This week I have found so many cool resources.  Right now I'm really excited to share about the [FRAMED] show on You Tube.  Check out this video on newborn photography.

I'm addicted to this show and it gets me so excited about photography.  Sometimes I think it's easy to lose momentum and motivation and I find that when I discover things like this, I get excited all over again.  Now I'm all Etsy looking at newborn photography props!  Hahaha. 

Speaking of props, I found a good site!  Prop Insanity is a great resource and I could probably spend way too many hours digging through this site.  So, back to more resource :)

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