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Today we celebrate 5 years of marriage

24 June 2011

Today is a special day.  Today, Scott and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!  How has it already been 5 years?  Though our marriage is far from perfect, I couldn't imagine life without you, Scott.  Thank you for all you do for our family.  Words are insufficient. 

Since it's our anniversary, I got to thinking about my favorite things about my hubby.  Maybe listing 5 is good since it is our 5th anniversary after all :)
  1. You love the Lord with all your heart and desire more than anything to lead me to Heaven.
  2. You can be so silly sometimes that any bad mood I may be having automatically goes away.
  3. You always do the dishes because you know how much they gross me out.
  4. You quietly listen to me whine when I'm missing life back in Washington with my family.
  5. You don't get annoyed with me for taking photos ALL.THE.TIME. even when I'm trying to get shots of a massive lightening storm.
  6. I can't stick with 5 because there are just too many, but this is the last one I'll list love Sophie even though you only agreed to getting a dog to make me happy.
Happy anniversary, Smooch.  I love you forever.

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