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Happy birthday to my lovely Grandma!

25 August 2011

You know, having a 4 year old that loves to play games online is really cutting in to my blogging time!  I really do have good intentions of writing more and even plan out my topics for about a month with room to modify if need be, but I just haven’t been following through. 
Now that school is quickly approaching, I’m buying all kinds of school supplies and trying to prepare my little man for what’s in store.  He is so excited to start school and will be in Pre-K this year.  That’s another post to come with pictures of him on his first day of school.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Washington to surprise my grandma for her 70th birthday.  Boy was she surprised.  It was a quick weekend trip with ½ my time spent in airports, but so worth it.  The weather was beautiful and my little monster and I spent a lot of time on my dad’s dock with our feet in the water. 

We got to see both sides of my family and just catch up and give lots of hugs since they are few and far between.  My little man got to play with his cousins, whom he adores.  Moments like those are to be treasured.  To be able to slow down and enjoy the people you love.  To go on imaginary adventures of being stranded on an island and building a raft (or using the dock) to get back to our family…the monster’s idea. J  To take my dad and my step-mom to breakfast at a quant little brunch place.  To eat dinner with my mom and her side of the family on my grandma’s patio.  To watch Alexander play in the hot tub with his cousins and my step-dad, and be so excited about it.  To be able to see my grandma so overwhelmed by her surprise that she couldn’t help but cry.

So, though I feel guilty for not being attentive to my blog, I really don’t feel bad.  Being with my family and enjoying every possible moment is so much more important to me.  It’s those moments that I savor, love and can’t help but yearn for even more.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Get out and splash around, go on imaginary adventures, make little road trips to see family, and treasure the moments you get because summer’s almost over.

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