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Summer Fun at the County Fair

31 August 2011

Who doesn’t love going to the county fair?  I know for me, the fair makes me feel like a kid again.  It’s good family fun with lots of shared memories.  The fair for us is more of a family tradition.  I know most people go to the fair, but for me, I want to take Alexander because of the all the happy memories I had from the fair as a kid…the tradition of it all.

Though we’ve taken Alexander to the fair before, this year was really the first year he could ride on more than just the carousal.  He had such a blast.  His favorite ride was a jet-ski ride that bumped him around and I just love his face on the swing.

What do you think of when you think of the fair?  I think of cotton candy, bright colors, lots of lights and farm animals.  I think of smiles and sticky fingers, wind in my face and sunny days.  So the question becomes how do we capture these moments?  Well, first and foremost, Alexander rides the carousal every.single.year.  We always capture that tradition. 

The great thing about the carousal is that it portrays the quintessential elements of the fair.  It also is colorful and has lots of lights on it.
I didn’t really focus on photography at the fair this year and capturing cool photos, but it would have been cool to get a picture of somebody swirling cotton candy, or Alexander taking his first bite and licking his fingers.  By the time we got the cotton candy, we were ready to go.  I was so excited for him since it was his first time eating cotton candy, but he decided he didn’t like it.  We got in the car and he passed out! 
Oh well, the most important thing is that I got to capture his excitement and happiness.  That’s what really matters anyway.

See what I mean.  This picture isn’t really anything special.  What makes it special to me is that I can see his awe in and love for horses.  Is it going to win a competition (not that my intention in photography is to win anything…just making a point)?  No.  Is it going to bring back memories for me and Alexander?  Yes.  This is what it means to just capture the moment. 

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