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Monday Musings - Fall is Upon Us

19 September 2011

How is it that fall begins on Friday?  It feels like summer just began.  I love fall.  I love the colors, the crisp air, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, decorating my home, football parties, and all the coziness that fall is.  It's a time that tells me the holidays and lots of family time is coming up. 
Fall in Ohio is my favorite season. Growing up in the gorgeous green state of Washington, the fall season looked very different.  Not to mention, Ohio is buckeye country and I have never been around such fun football fans.  Sure, I've been to other football parties, but in Ohio, football games in general are celebrated like the Superbowl all the time.  Too much fun.  Who doesn't like getting together, eating yummy food and sitting close to each other to watch the game together?

Now that the bub is in school, fall is feeling a little different this season with all the activities that the school puts on.  I'm excited to capture it all.  I'm excited to get some good quality family time in.  I hope everybody can capture all the fun fall activities that they do.  Get out your long sleeved shirts, go out and have some family fun.  Oh, and get lots of pictures while you're at it!

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