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Nic & Pam - Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

21 September 2011

Many people have already seen these photos because I was way too excited to wait until today to post them.  So, Facebook peeps, you got a nice sneak. 

Recently, a friend that I work with asked me to come out and photographer her son.  These 2 people are some of the busiest people I know.  Pam is super involved in her church, relay for life, works full time, is a single mom, and is majorly involved in her son's activities.  Nic loves music and plays multiple instruments, is in band, takes lessons, is involved with church...oh, and is working on making Eagle Scout.  From my understanding, becoming an Eagle Scout is crazy hard and takes major dedication.  The point of all this is that they really haven't had time to get photos taken in a couple of years, so I was really excited that Pam asked me.

Would anybody guess that this guy is 13?  Nic is the most mature 13 year old I have ever met.  I know he's going to accomplish so much in life.  I hope you enjoy every moment of his teenage years, Pam. 

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