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Change is Setting In

10 October 2011

As fall sets in here in Northeast Ohio, summer is still trying to hang on.  We have had 80 degree weather for about a week now and the heat hanging on is making me think about change.  Our family is entering into change.  Scott is starting a new job next week, which will bring much change to our lives.  This new job will mean a move for our family within the next year.  Granted, it’s not too far, but moving is a big change regardless. 

I enjoy change; always have.  This move will be my 24th move in my life.  It does take a lot of work though.  Getting our house ready to sell means deep cleaning and touching up areas of the house that have been LIVED in.  Everything we have to do has been on my mind since Scott accepted the job.

Last night, we got home from church and my 4 year old did something that reminded me to enjoy this moment.  He walked into the back yard and sat underneath our tree.  It made me stop everything that I was about to do and just enjoy spending time with him.  We ate our dinner outside and played Frisbee with Sophie.  It was a perfect summer evening in October.  These are the moments I cherish.  The little moments that I hope he remembers spending with me as an adult.

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