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Hey There, It’s Been Awhile

09 January 2012

So, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have all come and gone with very little on this blog.  It’s a New Year already.  How is that possible?  Since it’s a new year with new beginnings, I’m going to begin again on this blog.
It actually felt really nice to take a break for a couple of months.  Life just goes by too quickly and being able to focus solely on my family was exactly what I needed. 

Over the Christmas season, we were able to spend a couple weeks with my family in Olympia, WA.  We baked cookies and had a whole Clark Griswald family Christmas experience, cut down our tree – “lil sap here” – and decorated, took lots of pictures of all the families over Christmas, Alexander had a sleepover with his cousins, we had lovely dinners with my dad and step-mom, grandparents, my mom and step-dad, and I spent lots of time relaxing.  Get ready for lots of pictures :)

So yes, I’m trying to build a business and taking a break may not be the wisest business decision, but do I regret being silent for a couple of months?  No.  Being able to be there for all of Alexander’s needs has been great and making a surprise visit to Scott at his new job doesn’t make me money, but it builds my marriage.  I know that break was the right thing to do.  I am very excited to get back on the horse though.

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