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Myron & Melissa - Berea, OH Engagement Session

02 February 2012

He will say that Melissa fell for him because of his cool car.  The funny thing is that Melissa walked right passed his car to admire another car...the car she thought was his.  She was quickly told by the friend that introduced them that she was saying such nice things about the wrong car.  All she knew was that she wanted to know him.

The night they met, Myron was supposed to leave and go somewhere else with his friends.  Instead, he wanted to get to know Melissa better; and as they say, the rest is history.

I adore how sweet Myron is to Melissa.  Yes, he loves "manly" stuff, but he loves Melissa in a way that is unbelievably tender.  He was so excited to just spend time with her on the day of our shoot.  Not to mention, he got to kiss Melissa quite a bit ;) 

Myron and Melissa, enjoy every moment of your engagement!  I can't wait to capture your love for each other on your wedding day.

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