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Shoe Love

16 February 2012

I love shoes.  Some women love purses, others love clothes, some love home decor, some love jewelry.  I love shoes.  I especially love TALL shoes.  Lucky for me that platform heels are in big style right now.  As a wedding photographer, photographing the bride's shoes is something I love to do.  Today, I did a little practice on a few of my own shoes.

I pulled the shoes I wore to my own wedding out of their keepsake box and took a couple shots.  This actually makes me really happy because it brought out so many wonderful memories of my own wedding.

My red Santana platform heels are a pair I have worn so many times.  They are surprisingly comfortable.  Who would have thought platform heels would be comfortable?  The black lace platforms are my latest and greatest purchase.  Seriously, I love shoes.  What's your purchase weakness?

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