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Shoes - Why I Love to Hate Them So Much

02 March 2012

My shoes get me into trouble.  Remember these?

Remember this?

That awkward moment when you slip on something and fall on the dance floor.  The moment when people either think you're drunk (when you're not), or you have no business wearing such tall heels on the dance floor.  That was me! 

I am notoriously good at embarrassing myself.  Since I'm naturally a shy person, it takes every bit of me to force myself out of my shell.  Moments like these, I think, are just God's way of challenging me outside of myself even more.  I could go and hide or I can choose to get back up and keep on dancing; laugh it off.  These moments help me grow as a person and while they are embarrassing at the time, I find that generally people forget about them 5 minutes later.  These forgettable embarrassing moments, I think, are what encourages me to reach out and try to get to know people better.  If I can survive falling on the dance floor and not being laughed at, I can certainly survive talking to somebody I don't know about something other than the weather. 

I feel like I've talked about shoes too much recently.  People are going to start thinking I have a fetish.  I promise, I will talk about other things next week :)

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