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My Goal as a Wedding Photographer

07 June 2012

Being a wedding photographer is a blessing.  The couple’s that choose me have chosen to trust me in capturing images that can’t be remade.  It’s a huge responsibility, but also an incredible honor. 
Before every wedding, Scott and I pray for our couples.  We pray for their marriage and that the events of the day are perfect for them.  We pray that God will guide our fingers and eyes as we photograph the day.  We pray that we can be witnesses of His love to all those that are a part of the day.  We do this because really, we want to glorify God in all that we do in this business.  This path has been paved by God and I know that I couldn’t do this without faith. 
It brings me incredible joy when a bride and groom are happy.  I want them to feel relaxed on their wedding day.  Planning and executing a wedding are ridiculously stressful and adding to that stress is the absolute last thing I want to do.  Really, sometimes it can be the smallest things.  Like having water on hand when it’s crazy hot outside, or bobby pins to pin something in place.  Sometimes it’s just being willing to roll with it.  Maybe a certain pose is stressing a bride out.  Well, we just won’t do it.  It’s not worth the stress to get that shot.
What makes my job even better is when the family and wedding party are just as happy as the bride and groom.  It’s not just my job to photograph a wedding.  It’s a lifetime commitment to the couple’s marriage.  I love when we click and become friends.  When a bride or groom comes up to give me a big hug, I know I’ve done my job right.  When they adore their pictures, I know I’ve done my job. 
I adore what I do, and couldn’t be more thankful that this is my path.  I love that Scott and I get to shoot together as a husband and wife team.  Most of all, I love when the couple’s that choose us as their wedding photographers are happy with every part of their experience with us.

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