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New: Hot Mama Session

28 February 2013

It is in my nature to stay behind the camera.  I know I know, as a photographer, I am constantly encouraging people to have their photos taken.  I desire to be able for others to see their unique beauty that God has created in them.  The beauty that I see every time I lift my camera up.  It's in our nature to only see our flaws.  It's not just as a photographer, but as a mom that I am always behind the camera.  When I'm not capturing a wedding, I am capturing my little family.  Monsterhead's little eyelashes as he sleeps and him deep in an imaginary world of play.  Scott with his feet up and laptop going as he concentrates on work.  It's rare for me to hand the camera over and let someone take pictures of me.  

The thing is, I think every mom…really every woman…wants a nice picture of herself.  Not really for vanity.  Just to feel beautiful because in our everyday lives, as we work hard to take care of everything else, we don't feel beautiful.  I know most of the time, I feel worn out and like a mess.  My hair is in a ponytail and more often than not, I am more worried about getting Monsterhead dressed and on the bus than I am about getting myself dressed.

So, I decided I wanted to offer something to my clients, and I got in front of the camera.

DSC 7530

DSC 7533 2

DSC 7548

DSC 7553

DSC 7607

This is what I'm calling a Hot Mama Session.  You don't have to be a mom for this though.

What is it:  a 20 minute photo session of YOU

What's included?

- Professional Hair & Makeup (that's right, you are getting pampered)

- 8-10 fully edited digital images

- Photo print release

Cost:  $150

Dates and location are to be determined.  To book a session, email me at



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