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Friday Funnies

29 June 2012

So, the last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur.  Alexander had VBS last week, which I ended up helping with at the last minute.  So. Much. Fun!  Seriously.  The kids were all so cute.  I helped with music, and watching them sing and do their little motions was adorbs!  I got to second shoot a wedding with Colleen Reed, and it was Scott and my 6th anniversary.  How have the past 6 years gone by so quickly?  My sister-in-law is moving and dislocated her shoulder…so, I get to help her pack since I’ve done it 20 something times in the past.  It ridic how many times I have moved! 

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to even think about blogging.  Thank you to Pinterest for making this post possible today.  Why not share some funnies, right?


Did anybody else see the Back to the Future hoax this week that was going around? October 21, 2015 people, not June 27, 2012.


So guilty of this!  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that needs to feel like I’ve accomplished something.


Um yeah…my mantra these last few weeks!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the BBQ’s, sunshine, and all American traditions!


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