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Review: Kelly Moore Libby Bag

27 March 2014

Sometimes, the best way to explain something, is to explain it by actually showing it.  So, today I made a video review of my favorite bag of all time to travel with.  We travel pretty regularly since my entire family is roughly 2500 miles away.  Alexander has become quite the flight pro.  He is super good when we travel and we are so blessed that traveling with him is easy.  Anyhoo...finding the perfect carry-on bag was something that took me a few years.  After discovering Kelly Moore's bags, I decided to give the Libby a try and am relieved to finally have found my perfect travel bag.


This girl is a workhorse and can carry a ridiculous amount of stuff.  To prove it, I've created a YouTube video showing you exactly how I use my Kelly Moore Libby bag when traveling.


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