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Married: Kimi+Mike - EOUV Club Mentor

22 September 2014

Narrowing down photos for this blog post was quite difficult for me.  So, please know in advance that this post is long one with over 80 photos.  You see, Scott and I know the bride personally.  Scott grew up with the Klatka family and is best friends with their son, Eddie.  So when Kimi contacted us about photographing her wedding, we were especially honored.  It meant so much to us to be a part of Kimi and Mike's wedding day in such a special way.

Kimi and Mike met in law school and share a love for beer.  Now, when I say that, I don't mean just drinking it.  They especially love the brewing process and happen to brew their own beer regularly.  They incorporated this love into their wedding details in such a cute way.  The invitations were bordered with hops flowers.  Kimi's bouquet and the rest of the flowers had hops flowers in it.  The seating cards were all named after a particular beer.  Their beer selections were also much more craft than the typical wedding beer.

It's always extra special when loved ones have a part in a couple's wedding day.  Kimi's mom put together all the flowers and did so in such an amazingly beautiful way.  Kimi's sister, Kristin, made the invitations and all the paper goods, as well as helped Kimi with all the planning.  Kimi's aunt made the wedding cake.  Our good friend, Laura, presided over the ceremony.  Truly, the list goes on and I know I'm forgetting all the personal people involved.

Kimi & Mike chose to do a first look.  Both of their reactions upon seeing each other were priceless.

This moment was absolutely hilarious.  The girls wanted to do a walking shot together and in the process of gathering together, Kimi's sister, Kelsey, fell into a bit of a hole.  In the process of laughing together, the Maid of Honor, Amanda followed her into it.

Oh, Mr. Klatka.  You are such a stitch!  Selfie's with the guests before the ceremony; that's a first for me.

Truly, being a part of this wedding was such fun.  Both the Klatka's and the Davenport's are such loving and fun families.  Thank you, Kimi and Mike, for choosing us to be a part of it!


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