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Married: Carolyn+Rick - St. Columbkille Parma

22 October 2014

The morning of their wedding, Rick announced to the world how excited he was to be marrying Carolyn.

"I cannot wait to see my beautiful bride, Carolyn!  She is my best friend and I cannot wait to be her husband."

Carolyn couldn't have been more excited herself.

“Today is the best day of my life, today I marry my very best friend in the world...Rick, I could not be happier to be your wife.  I love you so much!!!  We are so blessed!!!!!!!!”

This says it all...I really don’t need to write anything else.  Carolyn is somebody Scott and I have known since she was in high school.  I met her the year I moved to Ohio.  She knew us even before we were married.  She was a part of our engagement, which makes it even more special that we got to be a part of her’s.  She was a part of our small group in Life Teen.  We had this running joke that the teens in our family group were our kids.  We feel so blessed to have been able to watch her grow in her faith and to now see the woman she has become.  I can’t even begin to imagine how her parents feel.  She is kind, empathetic and has the biggest servants heart.  To watch her with Rick when we met him brought such a big smile to our faces.  Rick has the same temperament.  They both have servants hearts.  Rick adores Carolyn, he uplifts her and treats her with so much dignity.  To watch them take their vows was very emotional for everybody that was there to witness their ceremony.

Our relationship started because of Life Teen, so I couldn’t not include a photo of our original Life Teen family with Rick welcomed into it.

They love and are so loved by everybody in their lives.  Congratulations you two love birds!  We are so excited to watch you grow!


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