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Engaged: Megan+Adam - Olmsted Falls Engagement

18 February 2015

There are times in life, when I feel so blessed by the people that are put in my life.  Colleen Reed is one of those people.  In 2012, I photographed Brittany & Mike’s wedding with her.  Little did I know that she would be sending Brittany’s sister, Megan my way 2 years later.

When Megan and Adam contacted me about photographing their wedding, I couldn’t help but be excited.  There is just something about being a part of multiple weddings for a family.  It’s as if you’re being adopted into the family.  It is the biggest compliment in the world to be trusted with such an important part of a couple’s life.

Back in October, Megan and Adam drove up from Columbus to do their engagement session on a gorgeous fall day.  Megan grew up in Olmsted Falls, so of course it makes sense that we chose the covered bridge to photograph them.  Ack, Megan is cute.  Adam just brings out this smile in her that lights her up.  To see them interact with each other made for lots of smiles from me behind the camera as I captured them.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding this year with Colleen.  If they were this happy during their engagement session, I can only imagine how happy they are going to be on their wedding day.


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