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11 March 2011

Ack!!!  Learning where to begin in this business is tough.  Where do I find assistant or second shooter opportunities?  How do I get my name out there?  I know there are so many resources out there.  I guess I just don’t know the proper etiquette on how to use them.  Do I just start calling local photographers to let them know that I’m interested in assisting them or working as a second shooter to build my portfolio?  I have not shot a single wedding.  Are professional photographers going to want to take a chance on somebody they don’t know with zero experience?  If not, how do I build a portfolio and skills to shoot weddings?
Here is what I do know:
  1. Open Source Photo is a great resource for second shooter opportunities.  It’s a forum that David Jay started and offers a lot of different resources.  Not just second shooter opportunities, but also critique on your photos, learning technique, deals on equipment, website advice, and so much more.  I think I need to spend some time delving into this site.
  2. We have wonderful friends; couples, families, pregnant friends, engaged friends that would probably be more than willing to be models for me to work on my portfolio.  I mean, Tuesday’s post shows that our friends are willing to be my practice subjects. 
  3. I’m determined and resilient. 

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