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Our Puggle Sophie

15 March 2011

Scott didn’t want us to get her.  I begged him to agree to at least see her, so we took a little drive and met with the breeder to take a look at a litter.  As soon as I picked her up, I knew she was coming with us; that she was our puppy.  Sophie is actually our son’s dog.  She was a Christmas from mommy and daddy, but I knew that since he’s just a lil man, I would be taking care of her.  She’s still so small, our little puggle and even though there are times when I am sick of puppy training, she’s a big part of our family and we love her.  Alexander said something so innocently that rang true to us, “I hate you a little bit, Sophie, but I love you a lot”.  He doesn’t exactly understand how strong of a word hate his, but his thought process makes complete sense to me.  She’s a pain sometimes, but we love her just the same.
Awe...her first picture.

I think she's wondering why I'm pointing this thing at Alexander while he's sleeping.

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