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So Very Thankful

22 March 2011

Before writing this blog post, I prayed.  I am an abundantly blessed woman and really don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude. 

On Friday, I received word that I was chosen as the recipient for Me Ra Koh’s New York Confidence 2011 Workshop Running on Empty Contest.  What does that mean?  That means I’m going to New York on my birthday weekend for a 2-day photography workshop; a workshop that’s normally $1000.  Me Ra and Brian are kind enough to keep 1 spot at every single one of their workshops open for a mom that’s running on empty to win.  It’s a huge honor to me, and I am extremely grateful beyond words.  That’s why I needed to pray; I’m not sure if I can explain how grateful I am.

Scott and I struggle in many areas, just like every other family out there.  There is never enough money or time.  Deciding to start a photography business is scary for us for many reasons.  We don’t have money to invest in a business.  Scott works 12-14 hour days, I work outside of the home already, and we barely see each other as it is.  Alexander is starting preschool, which is yet another expense.  The only “vacations” we take are to visit my family in Washington because it’s too much of a burden to take any other trips.  Believe me, I’m not trying to complain.  I promise.  We are extremely blessed.  We are a young married couple that has the “picture perfect” version of life.  We own our own home, have the dog, the kid, 2 cars, jobs.  Ohio isn’t exactly a booming job market right now.  We are very blessed.  I’m merely pointed out that the extra money isn’t there for us to try to start a business.  So, receiving a $1000 workshop feels like winning the lottery to me.  We never would have been able to afford it and I know it’s going to be instrumental in giving me confidence in my work. 

So, from the very bottom of my overfilled heart, thank you Me Ra and Brian and the team of women that choose the winner. 

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