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The Clutter is Taking Over

29 January 2015

Do you ever notice how much other people can accomplish in a day or in their lives and in turn feel inadequate?  I do.  On a regular basis.  I look at friends that can keep their house cleaned up and wonder how they do it.  I look at successful business people, who are rocking their business and appear to be rocking their marriage, as well as parenthood, and wonder how they do it.  I know better than to compare.  That’s not going to get me anywhere.  But, seeing these things makes me aspire to do better in my own life.

Let’s take Joanna Gaines for instance.  Does anybody watch Fixer Upper on HGTV?  I love that show.  Well, this wife and momma (along with her husband), run a success realty business, home restoration business, have a TV show, she blogs, she has a store to sell all the stuff you see her decorate with on their show, she now has a jewelry, she travels to trade shows (apparently, they are going to be at one of our Cleveland home shows in March).  How does she do this?  How many people are helping her?  She’s got to have help, right?  Otherwise, she wouldn’t have enough time to sleep.  Am I right here?

Organizing my life is a big goal for me for 2015.  The creative in me has a difficult time with organization.  I have all these big ideas and get sidetracked with all of the new ideas I’m always thinking of.  You know what I’ve noticed though?  I tend to live in my head.  It’s difficult for me to see how my surroundings have an effect on my life until I’m knee deep in laundry and clutter.  I love to have people over.  That’s not something I can currently do though because I have toys galore in my house and enough paper clutter that if my house caught on fire, it would go up in no time flat.  By the time I take a step out of my head and all my ideas, it’s too late and I’m completely overwhelmed.  Does anybody else do this, or is it just me?

Chaos reins supreme in my house right now.  Luckily, that’s about the only area of my life that’s a house.  Not my family, not my business, not my car...just my house.  I kind of want to just go somewhere relaxing and not even look at it.  Like back home to this view of the Olympics, or to this beautiful winery here in Ohio.  It doesn’t have to be far or exotic.  Although, that would be wonderful too.

I even took a course recently on time management.  I pray that I’m able to take away the ideas and implement them into my life.  I have started using Passion Planner as well to hopefully help.  Because it’s so much more than just organizing my house.  It’s a matter of organizing my life.  Not in a neurotic, no room for surprises or spur of the moment things way, but rather just to get my dreams down on paper.  To actually write down what I want out of life for me, for my marriage, and for our family.  To plan how I’m going to accomplish all those dreams I have for our life.

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